Going Remote: How Attorneys Can Grow their Law Firms in the Age of COVID-19

For a lot of attorneys, this is the first time where most of their business (i.e. consultations, team meetings, signing contracts, etc) has to be conducted remotely. I've been working in a remote field and in similar capacities

Matthew Laurin April 6, 2020 min read

10 SEO Performance Metrics Attorneys Can’t Afford to Ignore

Whether you’re doing your own SEO or you have an agency doing it for you, there are certain metrics you should be watching closely. Granted there

Matthew Laurin April 6, 2020 min read
Local SEO for Lawyers: How To Dominate in Local Search

According to the most recent data from the Pew Research Center, roughly 90%...

Matthew Laurin March 11, 2020 min read
AdWords Call-Only Campaigns: How Lawyers Can Get the Most Out of Google

Google’s commitment to mobile is no secret especially after their announcement about mobile-friendliness as a...

Matthew Laurin February 29, 2020 min read
6 SEO Strategies for New Lawyer Websites

New websites need a lot of attention to start ranking well in search.  A new domain...

Matthew Laurin February 19, 2020 5 min read