e15. Law Firm Marketing: Matthew Laurin, President of Esq.Marketing – How to Smoothly Migrate Your Law Firm’s Website and Keep Your SEO Gains

Matthew Laurin is the President of Esq.Marketing, a company that helps law firms generate more clients and cases using search engine marketing. Matthew has been in the SEO business for over ten years. He possesses a long track

Matthew Laurin October 21, 2020 min read

e14. Law Firm Marketing: John Brocas, Help Lawyer – The Content Marketing Playbook for New Law Firms

John Brocas is the CEO of Help Lawyer, a legal content marketing suite created to help small law firms and lawyers compete in an overly-saturated and

Matthew Laurin October 14, 2020 min read
e13. Law Firm Marketing: Frank Vendt, The Vendt Law Firm – The Strategy That Works

Frank Vendt is the Owner and Founder of The Vendt Law Firm. He...

Matthew Laurin October 7, 2020 min read
e12. Law Firm Marketing: Daniel Ramsey, MyOutDesk – How to Prepare Your Solo Law Firm to Scale

Daniel Ramsey is the CEO and Founder of MyOutDesk. MyOutDesk is a company that provides...

Matthew Laurin September 30, 2020 min read
7 Need to Know SEO Tips for Law Firms, Lawyers & Attorneys

Google is hands down the easiest way to drive clients to a law firm. 96% of...

Matthew Laurin September 9, 2020 min read
e10. Law Firm Marketing: Brian Zeiger of The Zeiger Firm – Practical Steps to Keep Your Solo Practice Startup Cost Low

Brian Zeiger is the Founder of The Zeiger Firm, which specializes in criminal defense and civil...

Matthew Laurin
September 5, 2020
e11. Law Firm Marketing: Ann Thayer, The Law Office of Ann Thayer, PLLC – Starting a Solo Practice During a Pandemic

Ann Thayer is the Founder (and Attorney) of The Law Office of Ann Thayer, PLLC. With...

Matthew Laurin
September 4, 2020
e9. Blake Chapman, Life Planning Law – Practical Advice for A Strong Work Life Balance

Blake Chapman is the Founder of Life Planning Law, a wills and estate planning law firm...

Matthew Laurin
September 4, 2020

Charles Lamberton is the owner of Lamberton Law Firm, which is in the process of a merger to become

Luciano Oliveira is the Founder of JurisOffice, a directory of attorneys and law firms.