ep25. Law Firm Marketing: Lem Garcia, Founder of Lem Garcia Law – How to Differentiate Your Brand in Personal Injury Law Practice

Lem Garcia is the Founder of Lem Garcia Law, one of the fastest-growing personal injury law practices in California. In 2014, he decided to venture out on his own and founded his personal injury practice with just a

Matthew Laurin March 3, 2021 min read

ep24. Law Firm Marketing: Jim Owen, Founder at Koenig & Owen LLC – How to get Operations and Lawyering Right When Starting a Law Firm

Jim Owen is the Founder of Koenig & Owen, LLC, a criminal defense law firm based in Columbus, Ohio. For more than a quarter-century, Jim has

Matthew Laurin January 27, 2021 min read
ep23. Law Firm Marketing: Phil Andonian, Co-Founder at Caleb Andonian PLLC – What to Expect in the Early Days of Starting a Law Firm

Phil Andonian is a Member and Co-Founder of Caleb Andonian PLLC. Phil's practice...

Matthew Laurin January 22, 2021 min read
ep22. Law Firm Marketing: Katy Mickelson, Partner at Beermann LLP – Rituals to Grow Your Practice

Katy Mickelson is a Divorce and Family Law Attorney and Partner at Beermann LLP, one...

Matthew Laurin January 7, 2021 min read
ep21. Law Firm Marketing: James Fausone, Managing Partner at Fausone Bohn, LLP – What You Deserve to Know Before Starting Your Law Firm

James Fausone is Managing Partner at Fausone Bohn, LLP, a law firm based in Northville, Michigan...

Matthew Laurin December 30, 2020 min read
ep20. Law Firm Marketing: Matthew Laurin, President of Esq.Marketing – Biggest Mistakes with Blogging and Marketing

Matthew Laurin is the President of Esq.Marketing, a company that helps law firms generate more clients...

Matthew Laurin
December 23, 2020
e19. Law Firm Marketing: Mitchell Chaban, Levin Ginsburg – Winning Over Clients From Other Lawyers

Mitchell Chaban is a Partner at the Chicago-based law practice, Levin Ginsburg. He is a trial...

Matthew Laurin
December 16, 2020
e18. Law Firm Marketing: Jonathan Denis, Guardian Law Group – Partnership Over Solo Practice?

Jonathan Denis is a Founding Partner at Guardian Law Group. Before founding Guardian Law Group, Jonathan...

Matthew Laurin
December 9, 2020

Suzanne Ratti is the President of Ideas360, a sales-driven marketing company that helps businesses from start-up to exit strategy.

Jason Lazarus is the Founder and CEO of Synergy Settlement Services, a company that