7 Need to Know SEO Tips for Law Firms, Lawyers & Attorneys

Google is hands down the easiest way to drive clients to a law firm. 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action. The problem is,

Matthew Laurin September 9, 2020 min read

e10. Law Firm Marketing: Brian Zeiger of The Zeiger Firm – Practical Steps to Keep Your Solo Practice Startup Cost Low

Brian Zeiger is the Founder of The Zeiger Firm, which specializes in criminal defense and civil rights litigation. He’s a trial lawyer through and through, with

Matthew Laurin September 5, 2020 min read
e9. Blake Chapman, Life Planning Law – Practical Advice for A Strong Work Life Balance

Blake Chapman is the Founder of Life Planning Law, a wills and estate...

Matthew Laurin September 4, 2020 min read
e6. Charles Lamberton of Bracken Lamberton – How to Get Your Solo Practice Off the Ground Without Going Bankrupt

Charles Lamberton is the owner of Lamberton Law Firm, which is in the process of...

Matthew Laurin August 24, 2020 min read
e4. Law Firm Marketing: Matthew Laurin, President of Esq.Marketing – How Much Does SEO Cost?

  Matthew Laurin is the President of Esq.Marketing, a company that helps law firms generate more...

Matthew Laurin August 5, 2020 min read
e3. Law Firm Marketing: Bert Polito of Polito & Harrington, LLC – The Truth About Starting and Marketing Your Law Firm

  Bert Polito is the Principal of the personal injury law firm, Polito & Harrington, LLC....

Matthew Laurin
July 15, 2020
e4. Marc Wietzke, Owner at Flynn & Wietzke, PC – From File to Trial: How to Run a Successful Solo Practice

Marc Wietzke is the Owner of Flynn & Wietzke PC. His practice is solely focused on...

Matthew Laurin
June 1, 2020
e2. Michael Sacks of Kimmel & Silverman PC – The Smart Way to Market Your Law Firm Online

Michael Sacks is the Director of Communications and Client Services at Kimmel & Silverman, PC (Lemonlaw.com)....

Matthew Laurin
May 2, 2020

Andrew Brockman is the Marketing Assistant for Fausone Bohn LLP, a well-respected law firm in the Metro Detroit area

For a lot of attorneys, this is the first time where most of their