Choosing The Right Clients Makes All The Difference

Allison C. Shields Johs is the Founder and President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., where she provides business development, marketing, social media, and practice management coaching and consulting services. Allison helps lawyers improve their productivity, increase profits, and

Matthew Laurin May 14, 2021 min read

How to Develop Your Practice and Generate Referrals

Natalie Harris is a Partner at Baron Harris Healey, a law firm dedicated to serving clients in the areas of advertising and marketing, intellectual property, media,

Matthew Laurin May 7, 2021 min read
The 5 Essential Marketing Steps For Your Law Firm

Jocelyn Brumbaugh is the Founder of Builden Partners, a company that helps law...

Matthew Laurin April 28, 2021 min read
Social Media for Lawyers: 7 Strategies to Attract More Clients

Did you know that over 3.6 billion people used social media worldwide in 2020?  The...

Chris Dreyer April 24, 2021 min read
10 Best Law Firm Websites with Great UX

It seems like everyone has a website — from stay-at-home moms to your competitors in the...

Chris Dreyer April 24, 2021 min read
Law Firm Website Design: The Foundation for Converting Leads

There are well over a billion websites on the world wide web.  One of them is...

Chris Dreyer
April 24, 2021
Law Firm Marketing: Short-Term Tactics & Long-Term Strategies

Every business needs short-term tactics and long-term strategies — and your law firm is no different....

Chris Dreyer
April 24, 2021
Personal Injury Marketing: How to Grow Your Practice in 2021

If your personal injury firm hasn’t revamped its marketing strategy yet, now’s the perfect time to...

Chris Dreyer
April 24, 2021

Your competitors are getting amazing results from using PPC ads in their marketing campaigns. How are they doing it?

Chris Mullins is the “Phone Sales Doctor” and Founder and CEO of Intake Academy,